7x35 vs 10x50 Binoculars

7×35 vs 10×50 Binoculars: Discover the Better Deal!

When deciding between 7×35 and 10×50 binoculars, many people lose their minds. Because their operational functions are quite similar.

So, how do you choose when it’s 7×35 vs 10×50 binoculars?

The exit pupil of both the 7×35 and the 10×50 is 5mm. However, on one hand, the 7×35 binoculars will work the best for birding purposes. Whereas for astronomy, the 10×50 binocular is a must. Also, the field of view of 7×35 binoculars are 10x larger than 10×50 binoculars.  

These are only a few highlights. There are other things to think about. Moving forward, we’ll go through each of these in detail.

So let’s get right at it!

7×35 vs 10×50 Binoculars: A Quick Overview

Do you know there’s a simple formula to learn how to use binoculars? Let’s know it first. 

Well, the first number of the formula is magnification. And the second represents an objective lens.

7×35 binocular meaning, it has 7x magnification. And the diameter of the objective lens is 35mm.

10×50 binocular means, it has 10x magnification. And the diameter of the objective lens is 50mm. 

So, you can now say that 10x has greater magnification. However, the diameter of both binoculars is the same.

I think you know the difference between 20×50 and 10×50 binoculars already. Let’s see what is the difference between 7×35 and 10×50 binoculars, now. Shall we?

Features7×35 Binocular10×50 Binocular
Objective lens35mm50mm
Exit Pupil5mm 5mm
Field of ViewBroadened than 10xNarrower than 7x
PriceBuy NowBuy Now

Here are some basic areas to consider. There are a lot more aspects to unfold. But before that, you can take a look at the following comparative graph one more time.

So what’re we waiting for? Let’s jump into it-

7×35 vs 10×50 Binoculars: A Thorough Analysis

The basic features of 7×35 and 10×50 binoculars are already familiar to you. We’ve put a comparison of the two for you. Let’s have a look at it.

Astronomy or Birdwatching

For astronomy, there is a debate on whether to use a binocular or telescope. Binoculars for astronomy come in handy very often.

Astronomy is carried out in complete darkness. Thus, you need binoculars with big lenses. These gather a lot of light, allowing you to see even the tiniest details. Therefore, 10×50 should be more ideal than 7×35 in this case.

However, here’s a catch…. When it comes to astronomy binoculars, the larger the aperture, the better it is considered. Because, usually, less magnification is required in astronomy. 

But if you’d ask us we will say choose a 10×50 binocular for astronomy. Because, on the other hand, 7×35 binoculars are mainly used for birding. So, a pair of 7×35 is fantastic for birdwatching rather than astronomy. They make it easier to spot your target.

Now, you see, both astronomy and birdwatching are outdoor projects. In this case, if you can get yourself a binocular tripod adapter your work will be easier than ever.

Looking for a tripod adapter. Well, pal we always share your needs. That’s why here are some easily adjustable and durable adapter recommendations for you-

So, which binocular are you choosing and for what?

Winner: 10×50 binoculars for astronomy and 7×35 for birdwatching


Binoculars for stargazing are cost-effective but always massive. This adds a new layer to your view of the vast beyond.

Normally, binoculars with an aperture of 35 mm to 60 mm are ideal for stargazing. And magnification should be 7x to 10x. 

Now, we already saw 10×50 binoculars are great for astronomy. Whereas a pair of 7×35 isn’t so suitable in this case. 

The objective lenses of 7×35 are a little on the smaller side compared to 10×50.

So, we can say that binoculars with a magnification of 10×50 are ideal for observing the stars. Because the aperture of 50mm allows for outstanding light gathering.

But confusion may arise while differentiating 7×50 with 10×50. Honestly, particularly, in this case, it’s a matter of your personal preferences. If it’s convenient for you try the Hooway 7×50 binocular along with 10×50 to decide on one.

Winner: 10×50


A clear vision is required while using hunting binoculars. The visuals should be clear whether you’re looking at 5 yards or 5000. 

So, in this case, you can consider the bird watching binoculars magnification. Because it is very eye soothing. However,this requirement also depends on the diameter of the binocular’s lense.

Nevertheless, when we compared hunting binoculars and astronomy binocular we noticed they’re kinda familiar in functions.

Because the exit pupil of both binoculars is the same. They both use the same amount of light to capture it. In this case, the 7×35 and 10×50 binoculars play the same role as well.

However, the field of vision of 7×35 is broader than that of 10×50. Therefore, it’ll provide a brighter image. So, you can say, for hunting, 7×35 is preferable to 10×50.

But no matter what binocular you choose, hunting is never a walk in the park. That’s why to keep your binoculars safe with you, you can use a chest harness strap. 

These are some of the options that you’re gonna absolutely love. Because these straps are tough and adjustable at the same time. So, let’s choose one-

Winner: 7×35


If you are asking how to choose marine binoculars, we would suggest the following video. After that, it’ll be easy for you to prefer one between 7×35 and 10×50. So, let’s watch it-

Boating Tips: Choosing the Best Marine Binoculars

Well, although the 7×35 has the benefit of being dimmer, 10×50 has better magnification. Because with 7x magnification when your boat will start to move you’ll have difficulty focusing on the object. 

However, with 10x magnification, you’re getting better image stabilization with 10×50 binoculars. Therefore, the 10×50 binocular can be a suitable choice if you use it on water or underwater.

But one key point to remember is, the greater the magnification the heavier it gets. That’s why don’t forget to buy a floating strap before you go cruising.

Also, you can get a binocular case to carry your binocular safely to the trip. Some of the bang-on cases are listed below-

Winner: 10×50

Decision Making: 7×35 vs 10×50 Binoculars

You probably already know that buying binoculars is dependent on the purpose.

7×35 vs 10×50 both have the same exit pupil. A brighter picture will result from a bigger exit pupil. A larger exit pupil will result in a larger image.

Nevertheless, for the final decision you can again go through everything at once. Just look at the following table-


Are 7×35 magnification binoculars best budget binoculars for birding?

Yes, you will be satisfied if you purchase it. It’s well-built and has a very broad field of view (8 degrees). Also, the magnification here is 7x, and the objective lens diameter is 35 mm. So it’ll take your bird-watching experience to the next level.

How far can binoculars with a magnification of 10×50 See?

If there is nothing in the way, a human eye with 20/20 vision can see for up to 30 miles. The 10×50 binoculars range makes you see 12 miles away. Which amplifies your regular vision by ten times..

Are binoculars with a magnification of 10×50 good for bird watching?

Unfortunately, no! 10X50 binoculars are very heavy for bird watching. Also, 10×50 binoculars for hunting won’t be as amazing because of its FOV. They may also lack adequate eye relief.

Summing it Up!

So there you have it: the entire debate over 7×35 vs 10×50 binoculars. It’s all coming to an end now. I’ve tried to highlight the differences despite their similarities.

Hopefully, one of the binoculars will be preferable to you.

Wishing you the best of luck with your new binoculars!

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