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Apertura AD8 vs AD10: Which One to See Millenium Falcon

Dobsonian telescopes are the best for enjoying real-time sky observation.

However, choosing one can be quite a hassle. If it has to be between AD8 and AD10 of the famous Arpetura company.

So, Apertura AD8 vs AD10, which one to select?

In AD8 vs AD10, they barely have any differences. Both telescopes have the same mounting system as well as the same focuser. Still, there are some differences. Firstly, AD10 can give a brighter view of the stars than AD8. On the other hand, AD8 is lighter and smaller than AD10, making it easier to use.

Now to select the right telescope, you will require a proper guide. 

And this is where I come in! With my article here, I will help you to find just the perfect telescope.

Let’s begin our journey then, shall we?

First Thing First: A Head-on-Head Comparison

All right. Let’s begin our journey with a quick comparison between AD8 and AD10. This way, we can have a glimpse of the features of both telescopes. 

Comparable featuresAD8AD10
Optical tube length8 inches10 inches
Aperture8 inches10 inches
Weight24.5 lb34.8 lb
PriceApproximately $400Approximately $580

These are some of the general specifications of bothAD8 and AD10.

Time for A More In-Depth Approach

Now, you know some of the basic specifications of both AD8 and AD10. 

That is great! Because now we will be looking for a more detailed overview of both of the telescopes.

And these specifications will surely add you up.

Imaging Quality:

Whether AD8 or AD10, The Dobsonian telescopes are well-known because of their imaging. That is why they are widely used for real-time sky checking. 

However, between AD8 and AD10, Apertura AD10 images are brighter than AD8.The images are clear. It’s because the aperture of AD10 is bigger than AD8. 

The Apertura AD10 comes with an aperture of 10 inches. Whereas, whereas AD8 has an aperture of 8 inches.

Thus, the AD10 can collect more light from any object than the AD8. Ultimately, it can give you a 56% more vivid image of the sky and its components. If compared to AD8.

Now it’s not like AD8 is bad and gives a blurry view of the sky. The Apertura AD8 pictures are pretty good too. 

AD8 has the same range of view just like AD10. 

That is why AD8 is surely one of the finest telescopes for beginners.

In general, both AD8 and AD10 have the same imaging quality. Nevertheless, if you want a brighter image, you can count AD10. 

Size and Weight:

AD8 and AD10  both are of equal sizes, almost. However, AD10 is comparatively a bit larger and heavier than AD8.

The tube length of the AD8 is around 8 inches. And it comes with a weight of around 24 pounds.

On the other hand, the AD10 has a tube length of 10 inches. The telescope weighs almost 35 pounds.

AD8 and AD10
Source: telescopestobuy

If compared, it is easier to use AD8 than AD10. First of all, it is very light in weight. Thus, anyone can use the telescope pretty easily. 

Not only that. The overall size of the telescope is just the perfect for carrying it. At least that’s what the Apertura AD8 review says. You can carry the AD8 easily in any car’s closet, pretty easily.

Apertura AD8 review
Source: opticalmechanics

Again, handling AD10 might be hard for some users. Especially for weak people. The telescope is heavier than AD8 and weighs over 30 pounds. 

Moreover, the telescope is bigger than the Apertura AD8. There remains a possibility that the telescope may not fit in your car’s slot. And this can create quite a fuss.

Therefore, you have to check the size and weight of the telescope before choosing one. You can go for AD10. If you are comfortable with a heavy telescope and can carry them. 

Otherwise, you can use the AD8. It’s lighter and easier to use.

Easy to Mount:

One of the best features of the AD series telescopes is that they are easy to mount. 

As many telescopes come with a complex mounting system. Consequently, it becomes hard to mount the telescopes.

Both AD8 and AD10 come with a bearing-aided mounting system. You can smoothly mount your telescope. 

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is just roll the bearings and set the telescope. That’s it!

Adding to this, the mounting system of AD8 and AD10 comes with a regulator. With this, you will be able to control the speed of rotating the telescope. 

As a result, you can easily balance the telescope. In case you are using various sets of lenses and eyepieces.


The Apertura telescopes are well-known because the telescopes come with various sets of accessories. This includes finders, eyepieces, and laser collimators.

Both AD8 and AD come with a red dot finder. 

In areas where light pollution is way too high, the red dot helps a lot. You can locate the components of the sky with more precision.

AD8 and AD10 come with 2 inches and 30 mm eyepieces. These eyepieces can give you a wide view of approximately 68 degrees.

General Dobsonian telescopes come with a set of eye-piece of 1.25 inches.

Now 2 or 1.25 eyepieces, which one is better? Obviously a 2-inch eyepiece! It can surely give you a more clear view.

Plus, the 1.25 eyepieces have a narrow view range too!

Now let’s not forget the laser collimator! The process of collimating a telescope is a tough thing. If not properly collimated you may not get the perfect view.

However, the AD telescopes come with a laser collimator! Yes. Both AD8 and AD10 have laser collimators. 

With the help of this laser, you can easily understand when the telescope is collimated. Quick and Smooth.

Final Verdict

Technically, AD8 and AD10 are way similar. Unlike Newtonian or refractor telescopes, they are in the same league. 

Still, if you like lightweight telescopes, then you can use AD8. It’s light, small, and easy to use. Apertura AD8 instructions are perfect for any beginners.

Or, you can have an AD10. Although it’s a bit heavy, it has a large aperture. This can give you a vivid image of the sky and other objects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

AD8 vs AD12, Which One Should I Use?

Both AD8 and AD12 have almost similar specifications. However, AD12 has a greater aperture than AD8. Thus, AD2 can give a more magnified and clear view. Thus you can use it. However, AD12 is way too big to carry and heavy as well. If you face difficulty using AD12, then go for AD8. It is lighter and smaller.

What Are The Objects I can See With Apertura AD8?

From near-Earth objects like the Moon to globular clusters, you can see a lot of things with the help of AD8 of course. You can see galaxies in a detailed view. For instance, you can see M31, M45, and whatnot? Thanks to the mid-focusing feature of AD8.  Not only that. You can also see the Nebulae.

Can I See Neptune and Uranus with a Telescope?

Yes you can see Neptune and Uranus with a Telescope. For that, you will need certain specifications. First of all, you will need a minimum aperture of 8 inches. Then you must have a 150x zooming level. Even 100 times zoom will also do. 

Wrap Up

This is the end of the article. Apertura AD8 vs AD10, hope you know which one to choose.

If you are still uncertain, don’t panic. There are many professional astronomers who have vast knowledge about telescopes. They surely will help you!

Goodbye then.

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