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4 Major Celestron Finderscope Upgrades!

Finderscopes are essential to stargazing. It provides a better field of view to locate objects easily.

This makes things easier for any user, novice, or professional. However, you might be thinking of enhancing this experience even more.

Hence, you might think, “what should I choose for the Celestron finderscope upgrade?”

Telrad and Rigel are two of the good starter packs for the Celestron Finderscope upgrade. You can also upgrade the red dot finder for better tracking. If you want further upgrades, you can opt for the red reflex upgrade. You can also choose the Starpointer Pro red dot finder for better accuracy.

That will be the summary. Let’s dig deep to know about the upgrades in detail. Stick to us till the end to find them.

Let’s begin.

4 Essential Celestron Finderscope Upgrades

If you mention the word “telescope” to most people, chances are good that they’ll think of Celestron. Aspiring amateur astronomers know they can rely on Celestron to provide quality equipment that will last for years.

Celestron Finderscope
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There’s a logic behind this decision. Using a finder scope or guide scope from them won’t break the bank. They’re very simple to operate too. 

They come equipped with everything for amateur and professional astronomers. This can make the most of their time spent observing.

However, despite being good telescopes, there are some things that can use some upgrades. Here we have noted down 4 essential upgrades for your Celestron Finderscope.

These upgrades will surely enhance your sightseeing experience.

Celestron Finderscope Battery Upgrades: 

Celestron finderscopes are good but their batteries have a bad reputation of a shortened lifetime. Users complain about the batteries draining out so fast.

Hence, a battery upgrade will save you from changing them every now and then. 

The Celestron finders come with 2032 Lithium 3V batteries. These run out pretty soon. 

You can upgrade to the Celestron power tank telescope battery. This comes in 12V, 7Ah format and can power the finderscope for a long time.

To complete the upgrade, you need to pop off the battery panel cover. Then you need to bend the metal clip and remove the old one. You can then plug in the new battery set. 

The Power Tank battery has an 84Wh rating. Therefore, you need not worry about battery drainage anymore.

Celestron Finderscope Mounting Bracket Upgrades:

At times, you might get annoyed with the bracket of the Celestron finder. The bracket might wobble and you might find it disturbing. It may cause problems like the Celestron rasa issues.

Celestron Finderscope Mounting Bracket
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Hence, the suggestion is to upgrade your bracket. You can upgrade to the dovetail or Dobsonian mount for better performance.

However, to do so, you need to follow some steps. The finderscope on these scopes can be removed quickly and easily from its mounting bracket. The finder scope is housed in a “cage” that attaches to the OTA.

Check the mirror cell assembly on the rear of the OTA. Then locate the appropriate row of screws. You must be careful not to lose the cell from the main tube by loosening the screws holding it in place.

Select the side of the tube on which you wish to install the finderscope. Two sets of screws are there, with a 1-5/8-inch gap between them. Take out one pair of screws from either side. 

Insert the longer screws into the OTA and the finderscope bracket. Then tighten until the bracket is secure. This is how you can upgrade your finderscope battery.

Celestron Finderscope Red Dot Finder Upgrades: 

Some users complain about the finderscope’s red dot finder. Some say that the red dot is not visible after some days of usage. Others complain about the red dot finder breaking down. You might only see black through your telescope.

Celestron Finderscope Red Dot Finder
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Whatever the problem is, there is an upgrade for the issue. You can choose the Starpointer Pro red dot finder if you are looking for one.

You can also look at the Celestron 9×50 finderscope if you want a more premium one. This one provides better red dots and tracking.

Celestron Single Red Reflex Upgrade:

If you want a small and compact finderscope, then you can simply opt for a single red reflex upgrade.

They take up a very less amount of space but require you to stay close to use them. However, the target must be centered under the red dot for usage.

Standard 6 X 30mm and 8 & 9 mm X 50mm optic finders are available for use with fainter objects. The 8 & 9 mm finders will have a wider field of view and better light-gathering capability.

However, the crosshairs in the eyepieces are quite prominent and will obscure your target when centered.

You may adjust the front lens and then set the lock ring to get them sharp. You might need just all of that.

You can go for either a 50 mm or a 70mm finderscope. They have similar FOV and can be transferred from scope to scope. This increases the flexibility of these finders.

Tips on Maintaining Celestron Finderscope

A good finderscope enhances your stargazing experience. In order to ensure that experience, it needs proper maintenance too. 

Here are some tips for maintaining your Celestron Finderscope.

  • Always keep your telescope and finderscopes in a secure dust-free area. Dust and debris damage the lens significantly.
  • Try to keep your telescope at a temperature that is similar to the outdoor 

temperature. This will reduce the cooling time while setting up.

  • Use the adjustments on the finder bracket for adjusting the finder. Continue this until the target is centered in the finderscope.
  • Over time telescopes and finderscopes will pick up dust. This depends on the usage frequency. We recommend cleaning the Finderscopes every 1 or 2 years.
  • Try to do your initial finder alignment during day time. Doing things at night time will be harder for you.

Hope these tips will come in handy while you are stargazing with your finderscope.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The Finderscope Important?

Yes, it is very important. You can attach a finderscope to your telescope, and it will become a very useful tool. To find distant objects in the sky before focusing your primary telescope on them. You can also use the smaller optical tube’s large field of view.

Is The Finderscope Supposed To Be Upside Down?

It can be upside down sometimes. This is not a problem with your finderscope. The pictures can be viewed upside down or sideways. This is totally normal. You can correct images to suit your needs. You may invert them any way you want.

Can I Align My Celestron Finderscope At Night?

Yes, you can but it will not be easy. Aligning at night is tough as you will struggle to find a suitable object for use. Using the moon may seem suitable. But the moon always moves dynamically. Hence, it will be difficult to point the finderscope and telescope at the same object simultaneously.


That concludes our discussion on the Celestron finderscope upgrade. Hopefully, now you know which upgrades are suitable for your needs.

Whatever you do, try to maintain and calibrate the finderscope periodically. Do clean them every year or so. This will ensure optimal performance and experience.

See you soon.

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