Doublet vs Triplet

Doublet vs Triplet [Here’s the Better Deal]

The galaxy and the entire universe are like a whole different world. And to get closer to it, you need a portal. 

Here, a telescope is your portal. And you need to see the vast galaxy clearly. So you might be confused about choosing one between doublet and triplet. No need to worry as we are here for you mate!

So, doublet vs triplet, which one is better?

The answer of which one is better between them is, both are good. But the doublet one has a lower cost than the triplet one. Also, it’s user-friendly. On the other hand, a triplet one gives you a clearer image and color correction. This one is pricey but it reduces chromatic aberration fully.

No no, don’t leave. It is just a preview. I have engaged in an entire discussion about it for you. Which will help you to choose correctly. Stay with me and learn more!

Triplet Vs Doublet – Quick Comparison

We have compared these two refractors for your better understanding. With this, you will get to know the exact differences between them. 

Factors Doublet Triplet 
Cost CheaperPricey
Portability Easier to carryLess easy to carry.
UsageGood, but sometimes you can see chromatic aberration.Great, also offers better color correction.
Image QualityGood Great and clear.
Outlook Almost the same, just have 2 lenses.Almost the same, just have 3 lenses.
Availability Get NowGet Now

Keeping the differences aside, both refractors have the same glass material and aperture. Now let us get to a more elaborated comparison.

But before that here’s a comparison chart for you-

Can’t wait to make your preference already? Then move straight to our better deal section to find your best deal.

Doublet vs Triplet- a Detailed Comparison

The previous paragraph was just a short comparison. Things can get a bit confusing after hearing all these features for the first time. We have all been there. 

So, to know more details about it, keep moving with me!


The cost is one of the main reasons people have questions in their minds. The questions are like, is it really worth it? Well, the answer is yes!

The doublet refractor telescope is cheaper than the triplet refractor telescope. The price of the doublet refractor telescope is between $1050-$1080.

So, if you’re getting a doublet refractor telescope, you’ll get the chance to buy more accessories with it. Some must-have accessories that I can suggest you are listed below-

And, the price for the triplet refractor telescope is between $399-$933.

Here, we can clearly see that the price of a triplet is much higher. And a doublet refractor telescope costs less. 

Winner: Doublet


Well, the word “doublet” simply indicates the number 2. This means a doublet refractor telescope has two lenses close to the objective. 

The doublet refractor is called achromatic. Because they do not make chromatic aberrations (not much). 

On the other hand, like doublet, triplet refers to the number 3. It means a triplet refractor telescope has three lenses close to the objective.

The triplet refractor is called apochromatic as they produce no color. You see, there is a fine line between achromatic and apochromatic refractors. 

However, these lenses are not always glued. Many of them are air-spaced. Some people use immersion oil to fill the space between the lenses. 


It can seem ridiculous as both telescopes are made of the same material. But a triplet refractor telescope is slightly heavier than the doublet one.

That is why it makes the doublet refractor telescope easier to carry than the triplet one. 

And the triplet refractor telescope is less easy to carry. 

However, with a carrying bag, it might get easier for you to carry your heavy telescope in parts. My friend and I got two carrying bags last week. Those bags are very good in quality and also long-lasting for this reason. 

Wanna get the names of the bags? Your wish is my command! Take a look at the following list to order today-

I think you already know which one is the right deal for you in case of this particular factor.

Winner: Doublet


The work of a doublet refractor is to merge the two wavelengths. Therefore, it creates a single point of focus. But sometimes it can create a chromatic abbreviation. And it is mostly violet. You can see color fringes on bright targets.

Before getting a triplet refractor telescope, I used to own a doublet refractor. So, to solve the fringe issue I instantly bought a few fringe killer filters with it. And trust me on this, it’ll solve your problem almost entirely.

For your convenience, I’m mentioning some filters that I found very useful. Here they are-

On the other hand, a triplet refractor adds more color purity to the image. It will give you a cleaner image. Also, it is good for color corrections. 

Winner: Triplet

Image Quality 

The image quality of the doublet refractor is quite good. But the chromatic abbreviation can be unpleasant. 

Nevertheless, to avoid sky glow with a doublet, it’s best to use a light pollution filter. I used the following filters before and these are quite good-

And, triplet refractor not only adds color correction but also has better spherical aberration correction. Hence, using a band filter (hydrogen-alpha) will provide you with sharper stars. Sharper than the doublets ones. 

Winner: Triplet


The outlook for both the refractor is the same. The only difference here is the extra lens. 

The triplet refractor has one extra lens than the doublet refractor. Which eventually helps the user get a clearer image. 

Winner: Triplet


Well, both refractor telescopes are available. Because both telescopes have demand by the stargazers. Also, both are user-friendly and add clarity to your journey of stargazing. 

Winner: Tie

So, Which One is a Better Deal?

Well, there is no best deal. Both are good at their work. You can use both from time to time. 

Here’s another attempt to summarise the whole comparison for your convenience-

So, these are the detailed comparison between doublet vs triplet refractors. Both have similarities in availability. And they have dissimilarities in portability, cost, usage, image quality, and outlook. 

In case you are looking for a binocular with your telescope, I have compared 10×50 and 20×50 binoculars. It will help you to make an easy decision. 


Can a doublet be an APO?

Well, a doublet cannot be an APO. It has three lens elements that capture all three principal wavelengths at the same point. The wavelengths are blue, green, and red. 

What is a triplet telescope? 

A triplet refractor telescope is one that has three lenses. Some telescopes have lenses. It is called a triplet refractor telescope. They provide a clearer image and better color correction. It also provides the user with a clearer view. 

What is a doublet or triplet in a telescope?

A doublet or triplet is the number of glass elements in the primary lens. A doublet has two lenses together. And it is referred to as an achromatic lens. But a triplet has three lenses and is referred to as an apochromatic lens.

Wrapping Up

Well, we have come to an end now. We have given you all the information you need to know about doublet vs triplet. We hope that now you have a clear concept about it before buying.

So, choose it wisely, and explore a whole new world. 

Happy stargazing!

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