how accurate is universe sandbox 2

How Accurate is Universe Sandbox 2? (Making Space Exploration Fun!)

When it comes to simulation games, almost everyone, in general, enjoys them. But that is as long as the game provides the detail and the accuracy.

Similarly, the universe sandbox is a quite famous real-time space simulator. Although it has the details it needs, the accuracy of the deets is questioned often.

So, how accurate is universe sandbox 2?

The universe sandbox 2 is pretty accurate. But, there are certain constraints to this accuracy level. The solar system is the most accurate part of this simulator. Whereas the galaxy system and simulations are less accurate but the visuals are fine. It also has many features that are accurate and realistic!

This information is vital yet incomplete. To get a complete rundown, read the article till the end. You can know a ton of things along with the accuracy!

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What’s the Difference Between Universe Sandbox 1 and 2?

As of today, the universe sandbox lineup is limited to only two. Since both are physics-based space simulators, there’s a dilemma about similarities. Simulation-heads are going crazy to know the comparison of universe sandbox vs universe sandbox 2.

universe sandbox

As a result, a bunch of people ask, is universe sandbox 2 the same as universe sandbox?

Well, the answer is- no, it’s even better! When declaring it “better”, performance is the main driving factor. The PC performance of the Universe Sandbox 2 is better than the Universe Sandbox. Also, regarding the pricing, the Universe Sandbox 2 is worth the bucks!

Since both simulation games are created on a unity 3D engine, there’s no lack of detail. The universe sandbox was released in May 2008. At that time, its features and usability were a banger. 

However, comparing it to the universe sandbox 2, it’s quite backdated. The universe sandbox 2 release date was in August 2015. Timeline-wise, it’s already ahead of the game.

On top of that, the unity 3D engine also has improved a lot. So in turn the universe sandbox 2 upgraded as well. The universe sandbox 2 can even portray the depth of an umbra quite precisely. That is pretty nice, right?

But, the universe sandbox is limited to its capacity. Something that can differentiate these two versions, even more, is the price. 

People who love simulation games have often asked, is universe sandbox free?

As a matter of fact, it is free! The base version of the universe sandbox was always free from the beginning. Since it’s a first of its own kind, the developer decided to make it a free and open-source project. To this date, the universe sandbox is free. 

On the contrary, version 2 isn’t free. You can get the early access version of Universe Sandbox 2 on steam. As it’s still on early access, so everyone can be a part of this simulator. 

Whichever sandbox you buy, accuracy will always be the most important aspect. I’ve elaborated on the accuracy of the universe sandbox 2 below. Check it out!

How Accurate is Universe Sandbox 2?

The accuracy check for the universe sandbox 2 is something everyone’s asking for. Since it’s one of the most intuitive and interesting simulators, the question is valid.

So, what is the accuracy of universe sandbox 2?

The accuracy of universe sandbox 2 is decent for solar systems. The overall space simulation does satisfy the accuracy in real life. The observing time affects the accuracy. If you’re observing some simulation for a long time, it can get less accurate. Fast simulations are the most accurate.

The only way you can decline the accuracy is by increasing the rate of time passing. The calculations are more precise when the time is slower. 

Let’s say you’re observing the solar system changes over 1 year using the universe sandbox 2. The accuracy of the observation should be almost 100%. Yet, if you increase the time to 10 years, the rate of time needs to increase.

As the rate of time increases. The accuracy will fall. So it won’t match the 100% accuracy you got when the rate of time was slow. Other than that, the accuracy is definitely high!

Whilst maintaining the accuracy, here are some features available on the universe sandbox 2-

Planet Collision

Although this feature is a bit on the destructive side, it’s a great tool for learning! Universe Sandbox 2 allows you to observe what happens when starts and plants collide.

Planet Collision

You can select the stars/plant you want to collide with and see them in action.

Gravity Simulation

Simulating gravity is possible with N-body simulation. You can also change up planets if you like. For example, you can set the gravity of the moon which is 1/6th the earth’s gravity. 

After that, you can play with gravity using different objects!

Since this simulator doesn’t take the dark matter into account, the galaxy simulations are slightly inaccurate. The visuals are fine though!

Creating Systems 

This is one of the most interesting concepts of this simulation/game. It’s possible to create your own system in the space. 

You can even recreate the solar system with different planets if you’d like!

So for instance, you can put Venus on your system. The visibility of Venus at midnight from the earth may not be possible. 

However, you can observe Venus clearly in the universe sandbox 2!

Model Different Climates

It’s possible to model different climates of the earth in this simulator. For instance, you can observe the earth freezing as you take it away from the sun. 

Also, if you take this plant too close to the sun, it may explode. The seasonal changes due to the sidereal period can also be noticed while simulating it. 

For educational purposes, this can be insanely helpful.

Yet, this simulator is a bit weak in modern physics theories. The universe sandbox 2 uses Newtonian laws from over 300 years ago. As a result, while 90% of it’s accurate, some new laws aren’t introduced.

These tremendous features are present in the universe sandbox 2. In fact, these are only some of them; there are more. And who knows, the universe sandbox 3 may have more of them!

To avail maximum efficiency and accuracy, you need to have some requirements fulfilled. I’ve talked about universe sandbox 2 PC requirements in the next section. 

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PC Requirements for Universe Sandbox 2

The universe sandbox 2 is a PC simulator. Now, to run this game, it is important to have a good PC. Like all other software and games, the universe sandbox 2 requirements are existing too!

Let’s have a look at the minimum PC requirements for the universe sandbox 2-

  • Processor: Dual-core 1.6 GHz
  • HDD space needed: 2GB
  • GPU: 512 MB
  • RAM: 2GB
  • OS: Windows 7+ (64-bit)

So if you have the minimum requirements checked, you can run the universe sandbox 2. It’ll run if you have a better system as well!

minimum requirements checked

For the universe sandbox 2, one of the most impactful components here is the GPU. It’s really important to render the simulations.

If you’ve been looking for some good GPUs, here are some recommendations-

By using these GPUs, the rendering power of your PC will well over be sufficient!


Is Universe Sandbox a VR game?

No, universe sandbox is mostly a desktop game. However, this simulator has VR options available if you’re interested. You can use the windows mixed reality, HTC Vive, or oculus rift to experience the VR. Keep in mind that, the payment structures of this game are different on different devices.

What Happens if a Black Hole Dies in Universe Sandbox 2?

An explosion of light and energy will arise when a black hole dies in the Universe Sandbox. When a black hole starts dying, it slowly starts shrinking. This mainly happens because of the reducing mass and evaporation. Along with that, all energy from the black hole starts escaping.

What Engine Does Universe Sandbox Use?

The universe sandbox lineup uses the unity 3D engine. At the time of the creation of this simulator, this engine was new. But now, it’s a very powerful and compatible engine. It has support for mac, windows, Linux, VR, and even android and IOS phones! Now, the Universe Sandbox is more stable than ever. 

The Final Words

Well, now we know how accurate is universe sandbox 2. For a more realistic approach to your gaming experience, try it out in VR! You won’t be disappointed!

If you face any other issues, let us know in the comment section below. 

Wishing you all the best!

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