Meade LX85 vs Celestron AVX

Meade LX85 vs Celestron AVX: Choose Your Dream Mount!

A high-quality telescope isn’t enough for amazing astrophotography. There’s also the need for quality mounts. But it’s not easy to choose the best mount.

Two of the most popular mounts are the Meade LX85 and Celestron AVX. Both these mounts offer lots of benefits. This makes the situation very confusing for the buyers.

However, we’re here to save your time. So, which one is best in Meade LX85 vs Celestron AVX?

The Meade LX85 and Celestron AVX have some similar and dissimilar specs. Both these mounts have the GoTo capability. But the Meade LX85 has more payload capacity. It’s also lightweight and comes at less price. However, the Celestron AVX is made of stainless steel. So it promises a long lifetime. 

This is only the starting. A lot more learning is still left. 

Let’s get into the details.

Short Comparison 

The primary tasks of Meade LX85 and Celestron AVX are the same. And both are excellent in their works. 

But still, a lot of factors are different between Celestron AVX and Meade LX85. So you have to judge all the factors carefully to choose one of them.

To present all the information at a glance, we have prepared a comparison table. Analyze the table to understand the main differences in Celestron AVX vs Meade LX85. Then you can make a decision. 

FactorsMeade LX85 Celestron AVX
GoTo Capability YesYes
Payload Capacity33 lb30 lb
Polar Axis ScopeNot Available Not Available 
Total Weight 34.1 lb47 lb
Tripod MaterialAluminum CastingSteel
Height Adjustment 31.5 to 43.5 Inch44 to 64 Inch
PriceShop NowShop Now

From the above table, you can choose one of the telescopes very easily. But you can also see the following graph to decide quicker.

But if you want to take more time to compare them, I’ll guide you. I’ll be discussing all the factors in more detail in the next sections.

In case, you just got a minute to decide, just move to our which one should you go for section right now.

So, let’s jump right in-

Detailed Comparison 

A systematic approach is necessary to compare two products. From comparing 10×50 and 15×70 binoculars to mounts, you always have to look for all the factors precisely. So an elaborate comparison is necessary. 

Let’s get started-

GoTo Capability 

One of the fascinating features of modern telescope mounts is the GoTo Capability. It’s a very useful feature for amateur astronomy. By using this feature, the user can point the telescope automatically to his preferred object. 

The GoTo capability of the mount depends on its mount and the software. The telescope moves along the axis with the help of a motor. This movement is controlled by the software installed in the computer of the mount. 

Both the Meade LX85 and Celestron AVX have this feature. They can trace the star according to your choice. But computer technology isn’t the same in them. 

Meade LX85 uses the Audiostar computer hand controller. Whereas the Celestron AVX has the Nexstar technology installed. Both mounts perform well in this section despite having different software.

However, if you want to make your observation more accurate, use an observing chair and finder sight. Trust me on this, it’ll make your whole experience more comfortable. Especially if you’re an amateur beginner.

Here are some best options that you can definitely rely on-

In case, you don’t know how to align a finder scope watch the following video-

Now, which one do you think will win this feature battle? For us, it’s a draw!

Winner: Draw

Payload Capacity

The main function of the telescope mounts is to hold the telescope in place. The maximum weight a telescope mount can handle is known as its Payload capacity. It’s a very important factor while choosing any mounting.

Nowadays only holding the telescope is not enough. Lots of extra telescope accessories are used on the mount now.

Moreover, the batteries, like the Celestron telescope batteries, have their own weight.

Thus the overall weight of the telescope increases. So modern mounts must have a good payload capacity to handle the telescope properly.

The capacity of the Meade LX85 and Celestron AVX is not too dissimilar. The Celestron AVX can handle weights up to 30 lb. On the other hand, Meade LX85 mounts can hold 33 lb. 

So, you have to decide if this extra capacity is necessary for you or not. 

Winner: Meade LX85 

Polar Axis Scope

Polar axis scope is very important for polar alignment and to track any object. It ensures high accuracy of tracking. Polar axis scope also plays an essential role for better visual observations at night.

Anyway, you don’t have to give thoughts on this aspect while choosing between these lenses.

Because this feature is not available in any of the Meade LX85 and Celestron AVX. So you might face some troubles in maintaining accuracy at night. 

So in this case, I use a viewfinder and a wifi module controller for my Celestron. These accessories ensure better control and tracking of any object.

You can also get one even for your Meade telescope. Let’s have a look at the recommendations below-

At last you can see, both of the products are again on the same level here. But did you select your personal favourite yet?

Winner: Draw

Total Weight 

Now let’s compare the weights in the Meade LX85 mount vs Celestron AVX. The weight of the mounts is a necessary factor for mobility. If you like to travel and observe the sky, a light mount will be better for you. Also, it’s easy to carry if the weight is less.

The Celestron AVX weighs 47 lb. This can be too heavy for many users. So is Meade better than Celestron in this aspect? 

Yes, it is. The Meade LX85 is about 13lb lighter than its competitor. It weighs only 34.1 lb.

But don’t worry about your Celestron’s weight. Get yourself a telescope carrying bag and you can give your hands rest.

Looking for some durable recommendations? We got your back! Take a look at the following list- 

Now, I guess you already know which one’s the winner!

Winner: Meade LX85 

Tripod Material

Quality tripod material will ensure long-lasting performance. So before choosing the mount, you should also compare the build materials. 

The material used to make the Meade LX85 is Aluminum casting. On the other hand, the Celestron AVX is made of Stainless steel. 

Stainless steel is stronger than Aluminium casting. It’s also preferable for things that require more strength. Aluminum castings are more malleable.

However, no matter which casting material you get, it’s best to use a dew shield with your telescope. Because mother nature is very unpredictable. And harsh weather can ruin your telescope in a second.

I absolutely love these dew shields. I noticed these are very good at keeping out dew and dust from my telescope-

And yes, we got our winner here already, hope you got one too.

Winner: Celestron AVX 

Height Adjustment 

The proper height of the telescope is a must for the comfort of the user. The telescope mount controls this height. So it’s better if the mount has a wide range of height adjustments.

The Meade LX85 has a potential length of 31.5 to 43.5 inches. However, the Celestron AVX can be adjusted between 44 to 64 inches. The Meade mount has a lower height compared to the Celestron one. 

However, if you want more height then you can use an extension ladder. I use the aluminum one-button ladder for my telescope. My ladder slides down very easily and is super stable.

You see, the preference of height is completely dependent on the user’s choice. So find your comfort zone before deciding on the height of the mount.

Winner: Upto The Users Preference


Let’s check whether Celestron AVX or Meade LX85 price will give a better deal. As both the mounts have very common characteristics, the price can be a deal-breaker.

The price of the Meade LX85 starts from $900. Anyway, this price can vary for different situations. The price can go up to $1100 for this mount. The price of Celestron AVX is higher than that of the Meade mountings.

Its price can range between $1100 to $1300. You have to consider the price difference if you want to buy the Celestron AVX. 

Winner: Meade LX85 

Which One Should You Go for?

The differences between these mounts are not so massive as it’s between astronomy & birdwatching binoculars. So it’s not very hard to choose between the Meade LX85 and Celestron AVX. 

Still, you can shortly evaluate the two products for one last. Look at the following table and choose your winner-

This is the end of the Celestron AVX or Meade LX85 comparison. Now you have to choose the correct telescope mount.


What is the Celestron advanced VX?  

Celestron Advanced VX is a small mid-level standard telescope. It is designed to give better performance than other small telescopes. The Celestron Advanced VX is also known as the Celestron AVX. 

Does the Meade lx85 Mount include a polar scope? 

No, the Meade LX85 does not include a polar scope. But there is the option of including the polar scope with the mount. You have to buy it separately for that. 

Is the Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope worth it?

The Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope is completely worth it. The aim behind this model was to make portable telescopes. The NexStar series has excellent small telescopes with high-end specifications. 


This is all we had to offer on Meade LX85 vs Celestron AVX. We think that now you can decide without much hassle.

Before selecting a telescope mount, find out your priorities. Only then you will be able to choose the most accurate mount for you.

Good day!

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