Plossl vs Super Plossl

Plossl vs Super Plossl Eyepieces: The Differences

Both of plossl and super plossl eyepieces are popular in astronomy. But if you didn’t know, there are a number of differences as well.

In this article, we’re going to break down the differences in design, lens elements, field of view, history, where they are made, price, etc. Also, we are going to list down some of the best Plossl and Super Plossl eyepieces for astronomers.

Let’s get into it.

What is A Plossl Eyepiece?

A Plossl eyepiece is a type of refractor telescope. It’s named after German astronomer Max Ploß, who developed the design in 1887.

The Plossl has two lenses and four elements inside. This kind of lens offers an inexpensive way for amateur astronomers to get good-quality pictures using their telescopes.

What is A Super Plossl Eyepiece?

A super Plossl eyepiece has all the same lens properties as a Plossl. But there are an additional two elements in it, which makes for better images and brings out more detail from deep space objects like galaxies. A Super Plossl is typically made of five lenses that come together to create higher quality, sharper pictures.

What they’re made from?

Both types are generally made with good quality glass and acrylic, but it’s important to know that plossl has one less lens element than super Plossl. This also means that super Plossl will always be more expensive because they require more manufactured materials to produce them.

Where Are They Made In?

Plossl eyepieces are made in the US, but Super Plossls can be found both in China and Japan. The brands that manufacture Plossls are Orion and Celestron, but they don’t offer Super Plossl eyepieces.

The Difference in Design

A Plossl’s design consists of two lenses that are made to stay in parallel and create a wide field. The super Plossl has an additional lens, which creates a narrower angle but higher detail.

Because of that additional lens, the super Plossl is more expensive, so it’s typically not available in a standard package.

The Difference in Filed of View

A Plossl’s field of view is wider than a super Plossl, which means that it will be stronger for wide-angle viewing. The Super Plossls are better for close-up views.

The field of view of a Plossl eyepiece is usually 72 degrees, whereas the field of view for a Super Plossl eyepiece is 44-60 degrees.

The Cost

Plossl eyepieces cost about $50-$200, but most Plossl eyepieces for astronomy can be found at a lower price of under $150.

Super Plossl usually costs more than Plossl because of the additional lens that creates a narrower angle with higher detail. The super Plossl’s typical price is between $100-$500 depending on the brand and what features it offers.

A Plossl is usually cheaper than a super Plossl because it only has two lenses to create a wide angle field of view. However, a normal Plossl will not give you as much detail as one with an extra lens. A super Plossl will cost more due to the additional lens that makes them narrower at 45 degrees or less depending on the model. The price ranges from $30-50 for most models up to $200+ for some high-end brands like LOMO, Minolta, Olympus OM series.

How Good Are Plossl Eyepieces for Astronomy?

Plossl eyepieces are perfect for astronomical viewing because the field of view is wider. Super Plossls offer a smaller field of view, which makes them good for close-up views and examining small objects.

How Good Are Super Plossl Eyepieces for Astronomy?

Comparing to Plossl eyepieces, Super Plossl is somewhat better for astronomy. They have a wider field of view that is more appropriate for astronomy.

5 Best Plossl Eye Pieces

Vixen Optics Plossl Eyepiece

Vixen Optics Plossl Eyepiece is one of the best Plossl eyepieces available on Amazon. It is very affordable and has a large, sharp field of view that’s perfect for stargazing with your telescope or spotting birds in the wild.

Sky Watcher plossls

Sky Watcher Plossls are the second-best Plossl eyepieces for stargazing. It has a very wide field of view and is perfect for magnifying the Milky Way or other nebulae in deep space.

Monoprice Plossl Eyepiece Set

Monoprice Plossl offers exceptional value-for-money when compared to their competitors and has been around since 1948. They come in four different lengths: 12mm (good for kids), 15mm (generally used by bird

Orion Superview Plossl

Another good quality Plossl eyepiece is the Orion Superview Plossl eyepiece. This one has been around since the 1990s and is made up of five separate lens elements.

The Orion Sirius Plossl are a good choice if you’re using an apochromatic refractor telescope as they’ll reduce chromatic aberration that’s caused by having air between two lenses.

Meade Super Plossl Eyepiece Set

Meade Super Pluxl eyepiece has four different lengths: 12mm (ideal for kids), 18 mm, 25mm, 36mm. They have a large field of view perfect for deep space viewing or spotting wildlife in your back garden at night time.

3 Best Super Plossl Eye Pieces

Here are our 5 favorite picks of super Plossl eyepieces in the market:

Orion Superview Plossl

It has a wide field of view and is designed for both astronomy and stargazing, making it perfect for beginners with an interest in astrophotography;

Meade Super Pluxl eyepiece set

These have four different lengths: 12mm (ideal for kids), 18 mm, 25mm, 36mm. They have a large field of view perfect for deep space viewing or spotting wildlife in your back garden at night time;

Celestron X cheater Barlow lens combo

The Optical Glass Lens Set made by Celestron is great if you want to see celestial objects that are close to the horizon while still maintaining a good amount of magnification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Plossls and Super Plossls?

The main difference is that Plossls provide a wider field of vision while super Plossls have sharper images of the night sky which makes them better for deep space viewing. They

Plossl or Super Plossl which one is better for astronomy?

If you are just beginning to explore the night sky, Plossl eyepieces will give you a wider field of vision. Super Plossl is better if your interest is astrophotography and deep space viewing.

Which one is more expensive between Plossl and Super Plossl?

Super Plossl are more expensive because they have a larger focal length and offer sharper images of the night sky.

Which one is easier to use between these two eyepieces?

Super Plossl are more difficult to use because they require a steady hand and patience. Plossl is easier to use but it has a smaller field of vision.

Which one is easier to mount?

Both Plossl and super Plossl eyepieces need a compatible mount. Installing the mount is easier for Plossls because they come with a lever.

Where are Plossl and super Plossl eyepieces made?

Super Plossl are manufactured in the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, and other countries while Plossl is made only in America.

What company makes both types of binoculars?

Plossl is made by the company Celestron and Super Plossl are made by Nikon.

How costly are these eyepieces?

Super Plossl eyepieces come in a wide range of prices but they mostly cost more than Plossl which is cheaper to buy.

Where can I buy Plossl or Super Plossl?

You can purchase these eyepieces online, from telescope retailers, optical shops, astronomy clubs, and other specialty stores.

What was the first Plossll Eyepiece?

The first Plossl eyepiece was invented in 1866 by Peter Ludwig. It is named after Ignaz Paul Plössl who improved the design and made it more popular.

What was the first Super Plossl eyepiece?

The first super Plossl eyepiece was invented in 1974 by Ina Russell.

Bottom Line

We’re at the end of this long-form content. Hopefully, you’ve learned the differences between Plossl and super Plossl eyepieces.

We recommend the Explore Scientific 30mm Super Plossl for astronomy as it is a cheaper, quality telescope accessory that will work well with any size of the telescope.


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