sony a7iii vs a7riii astrophotography

Sony A7III vs A7RIII Astrophotography: Which One to Shoot Infinity!

For astrophotography, picking the right camera is very important.

Only a camera with appropriate specs can help you to take clear images of the space.

However, when you have both A7III and A7RIII on your wishlist, selection becomes tough.

So, ‘Sony A7III vs A7RIII astrophotography’, which one to pick?

With the A7RIII, you can take high-end resolution images. However, the image files are usually large which can be a problem to handle. On the other hand, A7III has some phenomenal ISO with which you can take superb low-light pictures. The images are not that big as well.

This, my friend, is just an overview. To ultimately choose one between these, you will need a more in-depth view.

Now no need to panic! In this article, I have gathered all the information to add you up.

Time to select a camera!

First Things First: A Quick Comparison

The best way to start our ultimate camera showdown is with a quick comparison. 

Now, A7III and A7RIII don’t have differences like the difference between Newtonian and refractor telescopes. Still, there are some distinctive features. 

So, before running deep into these features, let’s have a quick overview first.

Distinctive FeaturesA7IIIA7RIII
Max ISO5120032000
Image size24.2 MP42.4 MP
Best forTaking Low-light picturesTaking highly detailed pictures
Shutter speed1010
Buffer86 RAW79 RAW
Product LinkCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Phew! These are some of the specifications of both A7III and A7RIII. Now, we can focus on a more in-depth comparison between these cameras. 

Let’s go.

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A7III vs A7RIII: Time to Dig Deeper!

All right. Time to move on to some more intense comparison of both A7III and A7RIII cameras. 

The camera varies in three different places. Those are shutter speed, ISO, and image size.


When it’s about the important facts of astrophotography, ISO comes first. After all, you have to take some real low-light pictures at night. And it is the ISO that will help you.

For Sony A7III astrophotography, you can achieve the highest possible ISO about 51200. Whereas, in A7RIII you will only get a maximum ISO of 32000.

Because of this high ISO, you can take bright pictures of stars and the sky. With the help of the A7III of course. 

Especially in low-light conditions. Usually, at night because of low-light taking pictures can be quite a menace. Even if you take a picture, because of noises, things may seem blurred.

Thus, the A7III astrophotography settings provide a huge range of ISO. So, you can set your ISO freely.

And the sensor of your camera will take some bright and clear pictures of the sky. Even if there’s barely any light. Here’s someone taking beautiful astrophoto with this camera.

Now, it’s not like the A7RIII has the worst ISO. A7RIII is also a great camera. You can also use it to take deemed light pictures with superb quality. After all, it has some insane resolution.
However, the A7III low light settings give more liberty than the A7RIII. When it comes to selecting ISO A7III is superior.

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The sky is vast. Thus, while taking its picture, you must be observant of the resolution

Of your image.

And for resolution, the A7RIII  always comes first. The A7RIII is widely used for taking wide pictures for this reason. 

A7RIII night photography settings allow you to take some high-resolution pictures. 

How high? Well, it’s up to 7952×5304. Well, with the help of such a big image size, you can cover a lot of things about the sky!

Not only this. Because of the high resolution, you can get a lot of details in the image. 

Thus, the noise reduces a lot, and with the small particles in the sky, you can see them more clearly.

Plus, if you are up for cropping the picture without any noise, then A7RIII is the best shot. Even after you crop a picture, it will be crystal clear.

You get a clear view like a 10mm or a 20mm telescope

Technically, A7III provides lesser resolution. If compared to the A7RIII astrophotography settings

Although it’s not that small.  Usually, you can get pictures of 6000×4000 pixels image size. That is huge too.

Even if you don’t get a high resolution like the A7RIII night photography, don’t worry. The magnificent ISO of A7III will easily cover the image quality for you. 

You can equip lenses with the camera for better images. Some of the best lenses for Sony A7RIII are listed below.

For beginners, the Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 E-Mount Lens is good. You can check the price on Amazon.

You can get sharp images with VILTROX 85mm F1.8 Mark II Large Aperture Lens. You can check for availability on Amazon.

For eliminating flares, go for Sony 24-70mm f/4 Vario-Tessar Full Frame Zoom Lens. You can check the price on Amazon.

File Size

When you click the shutter, the moment gets saved as a file. So, it will take some space!

Once clicked, the images in the Sony A7III take around 24.2 MP size.

On the other hand, the pictures in the Sony A7RIII take almost double the size of the A7III. That is nearly 42.4 MP.

Now, what do we get from this file size?

Well, we can figure out how easy or hard transferring the file is. Generally, it will be easier to carry the images clicked with the A7III. 

After all, they are small in size. They can be easily and quickly transferred. And while you are editing, the files won’t take much space on your computer.

For this reason, it is best to use this camera when you need a whole lot of images. Then handling those won’t be hectic or problematic. For both you and your PC!

On the other hand, the images of the A7RIII are a bit heavier than the A7III. Thus, it will be difficult to manage these files. 

Now, does this mean you will stop using the A7RIII? Of course not!

You can use the A7RIII for taking single pictures. Rather than a batch of pictures. Then, it will be easier for you to work with single images of a bigger size.

Now, Select Your Camera

Whoa! So far we have seen a lot of things about both A7III and the A7RIII.

Now, let’s pick one.

Ultimately it’s not a competition. Both of the cameras are good in their way.

You can go with the Sony A7III. If you mostly work in low-light conditions and take loads of pictures.

Or, if you want high-resolution images and love to experiment with pictures, go for the Sony A7RIII specs.

In the end, choose wisely!

Sony A7RIII specs
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sony A9 vs Sony A7III, Which has Good Autofocus?

Well, it’s the Sony A9. While using cameras, a common problem is the shifting of the autofocus. This happens with the A7III as well. You may try to take a shot, but the autofocus can get shifted. This does not happen with the A9. It has a real-time autofocus feature that keeps the focus steady.

A7III or A7RII, Which One is Good for Event Photography?

In this case, you should go with the A7III.  Firstly, the file size of the A7III is smaller than that of A7RIII. Thus it is easier to work with multiple images. Moreover, in many events, you have to work in specific light conditions. With the huge ISO range of the A7III, you can adjust the lighting.

Canon 60D or Sony A7III, Which One is Good for Astrophotography?

Both cameras do great for taking space photos. However, you may get a bit of noise while using the Canon 60D. The 60D saves files in only 20 MP. Whereas A7III saves files with a size of 24.2 MP. Because of the small space, the pictures of the Canon contain more noise than the one’s taken with Sony.

Time to Pack Up

Well, the photo enthusiast! ‘Sony A7III vs A7RIII astrophotography’, the camera showdown ends here.

If you still cannot decide which to get, no worries. Just take from any photographer who has used them. They can surely clear your confusion.

Stay safe and have a great day.

And Never stop clicking!

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