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SVBONY Eyepiece Review: Take Your Stargazing Up a Notch

Stargazing is one of those classic hobbies that just keeps getting better. But, how? Well, all the new upgrades to your telescopes are what’s causing this hobby to get all the more attention.

We’re not here to look at just another lens today. There’s this special eyepiece that’s been causing quite a stir in the market now. And I know you want to find out how it is. 

This SVBONY eyepiece review might not come as a surprise to you at all.  

If you stick around, you’ll get to see all the detailed information about the eyepiece here. We took the eyepiece out for a spin and performed different tests. So we’re sure you’ll get to know whether it’s worth paying so much for it or not. Let’s get to it! 

What Is The SVBONY Eyepiece?

It’s an eyepiece set that’s causing quite a stir in the market. You might be confused about the overall compatibility of the product. That’s perfectly normal.

Well, we’ll talk more in the review section. This section is just to get you up to speed.

You know how costly the eyepieces are getting nowadays, right? This makes you think, is budget stargazing even a thing? Well, thanks to eyepieces like these from SVBONY, budget stargazing is as lively as ever.

I’m not saying it’s the cheapest option in the market. But the competitive pricing actually gives the others a run for their money. With that said, it’s not going to go toe-to-toe with the big guns in the industry.

But it’s definitely not a slouch. Let’s get more into the details- 

SVBONY Eyepiece Review: An In-Depth Look

Time to get into the in-depth review of the eyepiece. We’ll be talking about a few different aspects here. So prepare to see the eyepiece from different perspectives. Let’s dive right into it.

The Options

I’ll start by talking about the options. Well, they’re not technically options. It’s more like how you get to customize the kit. The entire set has four different eyepieces.

You can pick all of them out separately. But, here’s the trick. If you think that you’re falling for all four of the eyepieces, you can opt to get the entire set too. 

We’ll get to the individual reviews in a little bit. To put things in perspective, you get the 6mm, the 9mm, the 15mm, and the 20mm lenses if you pick the entire set.


The next thing we want to mention is the pricing. And I think this is the biggest reason why someone would even opt for a brand like SVBONY. No offense to the company, this is definitely in the budget segment. 

If you’re planning on getting the eyepieces individually, well, it’s not really that expensive. But that’s not the neat part.

When you add up all four of the eyepieces, you get a considerable discount. And I think if you’re serious about the stargazing hobby, you should consider this option. 

General Specs

Let’s talk about the normal specifications now. We’ll get to the user experience after we get these out of the way. 

If you’re interested in the field of view, well, you get 66 degrees. Now, this isn’t a wide-angle by any means. You do get a higher field of views with other eyepieces. But, you also have to pay a lot more for those. So that’s where this one shines.

It promises broad superior lunar observations along with some star clusters. I’m not sure what the point of reference here is. I mean, it can’t be superior to the top-of-the-line eyepieces costing thousands of bucks, right?

This one also promises to view the different targets in the deep sky with fantastic details. Again, take this with a grain of salt.

They boast a lot about their “multi-group lens.” It’s supposed to improve the overall optical performance. I’m not sure of the different technical aspects. But the images that we got out of these were detailed enough.

The edges of the optics are blackened. A lot of bigger companies also opt for the same option. So, the light scattering should be reduced if not eliminated. 

Build Quality

An eyepiece set with a similar price point shouldn’t be very durable, right? Well, I think you shouldn’t assume things right off the bat. 

We are always careful with our optics. And you should be too. Handling these pieces of glass is a real challenge, especially if you have larger hands.

But we did “accidentally” drop the smallest one. And, although it didn’t escape without a scratch, the optics remained unscathed.

I mean, that’s a total positive if you ask me. 

So, how strong are the lenses themselves? These eyepieces come with green optics. Although they claim superior optical performance, I’m not too sure about that. 

But, the overall build quality is decent. You shouldn’t expect anything groundbreaking for this price. If you’re careful enough, this kit should get you a couple of years at least. 


Well, we had the review unit for around a whole month. And it was enough to crank out a few nights of stargazing from where we live. Since we got the entire set, we were able to set different magnifications.

You might think that the variations aren’t noticeable. But they are. You can actually see a good amount of difference once you swap one of them out for another.

As for the user experience, I could make out the different potholes in the moon. Now, I’m not saying that it’s the most detailed image I’ve seen. But it’s getting there. So if you’re just starting out with the stargazing hobby, I don’t think you’d be disappointed.

We were also able to spot double stars and nebulas too. So, it’s all good from the capabilities point of view. 

Although they promise superior clarity, I think they could have improved a bit on the details aspect. It’s not the end of the world. But it’s also not “superior.” I wonder what their point of reference was when they said “superior.” 

There is one thing that impressed us, however. We didn’t lose any details no matter which eyepiece we switched to. So, the consistency is maintained throughout all four of the eyepieces. 


A lot of people actually skip this part when they’re shopping for optics. I wouldn’t say I like this part. Since you might be stargazing for a few minutes at a stretch, you need comfort.

No one likes something hard rattling against their eyes. And whether you wear eyeglasses or not, you should think about the comfort aspect of eyepieces.

For this set, you get a bit of soft rubber around the edges. Hey, it’s not the best process out there, but it works. We think this little attention to detail allowed us to gaze at the night sky for a longer period.

It’s perfectly normal to get fatigued once you’ve been stargazing for a while. But that entire effect is somewhat subdued with the soft rubber here. 


So, you want to know how the images look, right? Well, I’d say they’re just above average. They’re nothing revolutionary to get worked up about. And it’s probably achievable quite easily if you pay for the more expensive optics.

But there’s the pinpoint. These aren’t the more expensive optics that we’re talking about. So they’re not supposed to give you easy results. It might be annoying if you’re a newbie, but that’s how it is.

As for the images, well, they lack detail. I mean, you might not be able to see it at first glance, but there’s always a way to discern them. 

But we went into the review without high expectations. And the results didn’t disappoint us. The images weren’t the sharpest, but they were good. Although the lenses have a green tint, the color correction seems to take care of it in post-processing.

And if you’re worried about the contrast, well, I’ll tell you this, the contrast shouldn’t bother you too much. 

The last concern is about light scattering. Well, they do have blackened optics to tackle this. But it still exists. You have to have really sharp eyes to see it, though. and if you’re a rookie, you probably can’t figure it out.

You can only tell it apart if you’re comparing the images with eyepieces costing thousands of bucks. That’s a compliment for this set. 

We didn’t notice any internal reflections either. So I guess the blackened optics are holding up well. 


  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Decent affordable option
  • Good color correction
  • Comfortable for longer use
  • Can produce clear images


  • Build quality could have been better
  • The outer part might get scratched easily


Is this the one to get? Well, it depends on you. You can go ahead and spend a lot more money to get better results. Because in this case, more money does get you better optics.

But if you’re on a tight budget and you can’t increase it, I think this is a great option. It’s got all the basic aspects. Again, if you’re just getting into the hobby of stargazing and looking for a new eyepiece for your telescope, I think it’s a good starter set. 

I’d say, don’t just jump right in and spend thousands of bucks on expensive glass. Try out the available options first. You wouldn’t know for sure till you try them.

How Many Eyepieces Should I Get?

Let’s talk about how many of these you really need. And there isn’t actually a specific answer to this. But there are a few eyepieces that should get you going in your stargazing days.

Try having an arsenal of a few different eyepieces. This arsenal should include a low-power eyepiece. These are the longer ones that you can get anywhere. Even the 20mm on the SVBONY set is a good option.

Then you have to start going higher with the power. And the focal length should come down gradually. Pick out different eyepieces and check if you’re able to hit that particular sweet spot. This should get you going. 


Question: Can I fit all the eyepieces on my telescope?

Answer: Yes. All of them have the same mount. So you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the attachment of the different eyepieces. They’ll work fine with your telescope.

Question: Are there autofocus lenses enabled?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. They’re the fully manual focus. But this shouldn’t be too much of a bummer since you’re not paying an insane amount of money. Mind you, they’re one of the best in this price range. 

Question: What field of view will I get from them?

Answer: The field of view is around 66 degrees. This should be plenty to go around with. 

Question: Will my eye hurt if I use these eyepieces?

Answer: Well, the space around your eyes will eventually start to hurt once you’ve been stargazing for a while. The edges do come with a certain amount of rubber to comfort your eyes. But if you’re using the eyepieces for a long time, your eyes are bound to hurt a bit. 

Question: Will the images have a green tint to them?

Answer: No. Although the optics that have been used are green, the color correction is done quite well. So the outcome of the images won’t be similar to the color of the glass. I hope this clears out similar other queries too. 


Well, time to part ways. I guess we covered just about everything. SVBONY has been making these eyepieces for a while now. And the amount of unnecessary backlash they get isn’t too promising.

We tried to test the eyepieces out individually. While there were faults, we don’t think you should skip them.

This SVBONY eyepiece review should get you up to speed with the budget stargazing options. Well, I’ll just say it. It’s one of the best choices you have when it comes to budget stargazing. And you don’t even have to get the full set if you don’t want to. 

That’s how cost-efficient the entire package is! 

Well, that’s it from us. Do reach out to us if you have concerns. But I think we covered most of them. Till then, good luck and happy stargazing with your new eyepiece!

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