8 vs 10 dobsonian

8” vs 10” Dobsonian – Pick the Best One!

Dobsonian telescopes are one of the most popular Astro equipment. But many people often get confused about which Dobsonian is the best to go with. Since 8” and 10” are almost similar in the performance, which to choose among these two telescopes.

How to differentiate 8” vs 10” Dobsonians?

The main difference is in the weight and light performance. 10 inches Dobsonians offer 1.25x bigger viewpoints at a similar view brightness. Though 8 inch Dobsonians are more beginner-friendly and have better portability. They are different in size, weight, power and have different viewpoints.

Sounds useful to you? Great! These were only core points about the Dobsonians. Let’s dive into the detailed comparison to understand properly which one will be preferable for you. 

8 vs 10 dobsonian: Differentiate All the Parameter

First things first, let’s go through some of the key attributes of 8” and 10” Dobsonian telescopes to help you decide which one to pick from the table:

Features8” Dobs10” Dobs
WeightLess heavyHeavier
Light capacityLowerHigher

This was it for a quick comparison. We have a detailed comparison in the next segment. Here’s our recommendation for some fine quality Dobsonians out there.

Detailed Comparison

There are two major distinctions between a 10-inch and an 8-inch. Obviously, the higher aperture results in two factors: heavier weight and far more light. 

The categories will technically be 10×50 vs 20×50 binoculars differences. So, let’s start with a comparison of the weights of two popular lines of 8 and 10-inch dobs.


This attribute is also similar to 8 inches Dobsonians. 8 inches Dobsonians weigh 13 to 20 pounds since their parts are smaller in size. On the contrary, the 10 inch Dobsonians weigh around 30 to 50pounds. As it needs more space to make the parts more powerful.

Winner: 8 inches are easier to move


The 10 inches Dobsonians are larger in size than 8 inches. But it is also a matter of power since 10 inches Dobsonians have more features in it that’s why it is larger in size. On the contrary, 8 inches Dobsonians are easier to move and more user-friendly. 

8 inches Dobsonians are about 6ft tall in size. And 10 inches Dobsonians are taller and around 8ft tall. 

Winner: 10 inch are larger in size


8 inches Dobsonians are comparatively cheaper than 10 inches Dobsonians. Though there is not much difference in the price range. And you can guess it from the size of the Dobsonians easily by observing the size and the other qualities. 

At present time, 8 inches Dobsonians cost around 1000 US dollars and 10inches can cost you around 2000 US dollars. The price varies from brand to brand. Dobsonians with premium features are highly costlier than the regular price. 

Winner: 8 inches Dobsonians are more budget-friendly

Light Capacity

The stars will be 1.56 times brighter in the 10 inch Dobsonian than the 8 inches. All the Dobsonian telescopes come with good viewpoints. Globular clusters look brighter, broader, and denser as a result. More stars will be visible in open clusters.

Extended objects like nebulae and galaxies will be 1.56x brighter with the 10″ than the 8″ Dobsonian at the same magnification, yet light pollution will be 1.56x brighter. As a result, the contrast remains unchanged. This means that increasing the aperture will not compensate for light pollution.

Extended objects, on the other hand, will be 1.25x bigger at a similar view brightness. The additional size at the same visual brightness is really more useful. Because the larger something is made (even if it’s dim and has poor contrast), the simpler it is for the eye to notice details in it.

However, how steady the environment is will play a significant role. Some nights, not even an 8 inch Dobsonian is possible “Because of air turbulence, it can achieve its maximum capacity.

Winner: 10” Dobsonians


The portability is better in 8 inches Dobsonians. As it is smaller in size, it’s easier to move. 

On the other hand, 10 inches Dobsonians are bulkier and heavier. It needs strong muscles to deal with its parts. So, the portability is not as user-friendly as 8 inches Dobsonians.

Winner: 8” Dobsonians


The 8-inch dob strikes are the ideal blend of big aperture and mobility. The 10 inches are not as much, relying on if 30 pounds is too much for someone to carry to the observation location. 

If you want to check how heavy the tube is and exercise the same muscle to carry it before purchasing the scope, then go for it.

Winner: 8” Dobsonians

Final Verdict

If you are a beginner then it is recommended to purchase an 8” Dobsonian. Because it is more beginner-friendly- than 10 inch Dobsonians. 

You already know the pricing of both the Dobsonian telescopes. So I think 8” is more budget-friendly. And also it has better portability and comes in a compact size. You can easily move it and change the location. 

Honestly though, I take more interest in 8” Dobsonians. The view is not that much different from 10” Dobsonian telescopes.

However, if you are a professional then it is preferable to consider 10” Dobsonian telescopes. It provides a wider view field and also it shows a larger area all at once, with a brighter image.

For many people, the 8 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Even if someone upgrades from an 8-inch scope to a 10, 13, or 16-inch scope due to aperture hunger, they save their 8-inch because of its Goldilocks size, not that small, not that big. But you can customize your own telescope exactly like how you make your own sunspotter sun telescope

But, at the end of the day, the decision will be yours!


Now let’s have a look at some of the most commonly asked questions.

Is it worth it to buy 10 inch Dobsonians?

Yes. The 10inch Dobsonians are large enough to provide vistas that no tripod-based reflector or refractor can provide. They are yet relatively inexpensive and are compact enough that they can be transported in a standard automobile.

Is a 10-inch DOB equivalent to an 8-inch?

No, it is more of a heads-up on the differences of the two common dob sizes, the 8 & the 10. Also why, unless you’re a fitness rat, you may not need to buy a 10-inch dob rather than an 8. (Note the word “may” in that sentence.) There are two major distinctions between a 10-inch and also an 8-inch.

Who is the greatest manufacturer of foldable Dobsonian telescopes?

Sky-Watcher produces this telescope in 8″ and 12″ aperture size. But we found that the 10″ is the ideal balance of power and mobility. Sky-Watcher has been producing foldable Dobsonians for many years and has perfected the design to near perfection!

Wrapping Up

I hope you are no longer baffled by the 8 vs 10 dobsonian debate. Each individual’s requirements are unique.

After comprehensively comparing each of these dobsonian, select the one that relates to your priority list most.

Keep exploring the world! Till our next visit, happy stargazing!

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